Westman Atelier

I’ve read the contour stick reviews already posted.
Has anyone tried the Westman Altelier Contour Sticks?
Ive been using Chanel’s contour cream but will be travelling alot over the next few months and would like the convenience of a stick.


Yes! LOVE Westman Atelier sticks. They are pricey but worth it as they last forever and are so nice and creamy. I highly recommend x

Thanks for your reply Rebecca x

Hi Trish, I’ve used the WA contour sticks as I have mini versions for travelling which came in a minis kit - they have been fine but just wanted to add that this summer I used the Victoria Beckham contour pencils which are great, good precision and you can use for your fingers to blend if you don’t want to travel with too many brushes.

Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I’ve seen VB’s video applying her contour pencil. I think I will be trying it out x