What colour shoes to wear with a yellow dress?

Hello! I was wondering what colour shoes / bag would you wear with a lemon coloured dress to a wedding? Thank you!


I wore a yellow dress to a wedding before and had black sandals and a black bag. I think white shoes and bag look good too, or something else light in colour, like gold. Hope you find the right combo!

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I would say gold accessories always look great with yellow - especially when it comes to something smart like a wedding!

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I agree here! And I think while it’s still summer white strappy heels will look great.

I would definitely go gold if that’s your style!

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I would go for gold or white!

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What shade of yellow? White would definitely work but I think a metallic (i’d go silver) would look a bit cooler…

Golden. Now, which type are they? if single strap, surely you´re going to stunt.