What is you top tip for someone renovating a house?

Your house is stunning and wondered what your top tip / best advice would be for someone also renovating a house? Also, which have been your favourite purchases for the house?

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Thank you! We were lucky and didn’t have to do the renovations ourselves, we worked with a developer to design it to spec. but in terms of decorating i’d say go slow, be bold, and trust your choices. Favourite purchases so far have been the giant terracotta urn in my kitchen, the powder pink chaise in our bedroom from Trove, and my pink scalloped sink from a brand at Ca Pietra whose name I can’t remember.


Hi Charlotte, this sounds great - where can I see pics? I have a 40cm terracotta urn that I just love the colour of and I’m inspired by it for my lounge. We are half way through a renovation of a period house in a village in Scotland.

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If it helps, as someone half way though a renovation, here is my tip:

Ideally live in the property before starting anything major. We couldn’t do this as it was just too bad, but I would have changed a few decisions based on the light in the rooms. We knocked through from the existing kitchen to the dining room and I thought the room would be quite dark so I didn’t go for the dark kitchen. I regret this!

My favourite purchases have all be vintage. The Saleroom is a wonderful website for finding auction houses nearby. I have bought various pieces from auction for this house, last week I got a huge 4 x 3m kashan rug for our lounge and a beautiful barley twist legged footstool.