What to pack for a month-long road trip?

Hi all,

in a month I am going for my month long USA road trip in both cold and warm states. What shall I pack to look relatively put together? How do you stay cute and fashionable during trips?


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Hi Martyna,

I think planning a few different outfits for both climates is best. Think of elements to the outfits that can be worn in lots of different ways so you have minimal packing.

I would pack basics, tee shirts to be worn with linen/satin or cotton trousers - I think these can then be layered with a knit for the colder days. I think once you have a good base you can add a couple of dresses for the warm climates and perhaps a jacket/ one pair of jeans for the colder destinations.

I would think about your accessories once you have the basics to add a bit of style and difference- sunnies, caps, beanies, jewellery etc.

Hope that helps! X