What to wear on safari in the evenings

Hello - does anyone have any suggestions as to what to wear in the evenings on safari? I’ve been before but the weather was unusually awful so everyone just put their day clothes back on . I’m getting mixed messages from pics of the lodges … from jeans to floaty dresses! Thank you :blush:


I’m guessing it all depends whether you’re glamping and spending the evening around a campfire, or if you’re in a luxury resort complex. Comfy and layers (but long sleeves and legs covered) for the first option and more glamorous for the second

I think a cool knitted co old would be a good option here - comfy and cool. You can layer over an oversized cardigan if gets chilly. I love this one from Mango x

Oooh thank you Emma , a good idea … it looks lovely .

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Happy to say going luxury … so maybe more glamorous but not quite sure what that will be .

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Casual, comfortable and warm!
The temperature can drop a bit in the evening which is probably why you’re seeing a mix of jeans and floaty dresses.
If going for floaty dresses make sure you have something to wear over them like a maxi cardigan or Kimono.
As you’re on safari, neutral and khaki, midi or maxi long sleeved and shirt dresses, wide leg co-ords are a great option
Layer with gold and stone accessories - not sure where you’re going on safari but there are a lot of amazing local jewellery designers on the continent e.g. Adele Dejak and Anna Trzebinski