What to wear to an Indian wedding?

We’ve been invited to an Indian wedding and there are no strict rules and it’s quite fusion Indian/UK but it’s either saree or bright colours (and of course I assume respectful). I’m not sure where to begin please help!


How gorgeous. I actually read this piece earlier this year that had loads of tips as well as dos and don’t - i.e. not wearing red, which is a colour reserved for the Bride. If you want to dress traditionally, I’ve heard great things about https://www.frontierraas.com/ and they have a store in London so you can go and try on the pieces. There are also some great outfit options to rent on By Rotation too. If you are thinking more of a western outfit then I would go for bright colours, whilst choosing more modest silhouettes and pairing with Indian accessories to embrace both cultures :white_heart:

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I’m sure u have a bright and bold outfit somewhere in your wardrobe . It will be perfect for an Indian wedding or I would suggest doing a little day trip to southall they have variety of Sarees and beautiful dresses