What would you wear to The Fat Duck?

I am looking for some low-key-but special-outfit inspiration to wear to The Fat Duck in Feb to celebrate my beautiful mum’s 60th birthday. I always wear black and sometimes it comes off a bit too strong in photos (and there will be lot’s of photos!). If anyone has been, and has some suggestions to fit the location, I would love to hear them :pig::champagne:

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Stretchy trousers…! In all seriousness, whilst it’s really special and you will have a fantastic time, it’s quite understated so even jeans and nice top would be fine.

Agree I feel it is quite a relaxed atmosphere, my formula when I want to feel pulled together but not overdressed is usually a cool blazer, jeans and heeled boots or a maxi dress and boots x

It’s a fabulous restaurant and the food will take you on an adventure! It’s very laid back. You can dress to the nines or wear a pair of jeans with a glitzy top.