Where and how to find the right MUA for your wedding

I’m struggling to find the right MUA for my wedding. I’m looking for soft glam - with dramatic eyes but I don’t want to look caked on my face. I’ve had a few trials now and none have given me the confidence that they can get to what I’m looking for. I’m a huge eyeliner fan and perfectionist when it comes to eye makeup - perhaps that’s why? Any tips/reccs on how/where to find one? Wedding is in Surrey.

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AH! I imagine it’s so tough to find the perfect person. We did a directory of makeup artists worth booking here: https://sheerluxe.com/life/make-artists-book-your-wedding-day and I can vouch for them all!

Jennifer Oliver and Cat Parnell stand out particularly for the type of look you’ve mentioned. Secret Spa may also be worth trialling? They have a huge number of experts - and Ruuby app x