Where is similar to Soho Farmhouse for a mum + daughter birthday night away?

Last time my mum and I spent a night away together we were lucky enough to go to Soho Farmhouse (back when I was a member). We would have LOVED to book this again for my birthday this year (left it a bit late as it’s in a couple of weeks time). Where else can you recommend that is equally as wonderful for a night away?

We love to Cotswolds but aren’t limited to it. We just need to be a couple of hrs max from London as we are only able to go for 1 night.

Thank you so much,
Danielle xx


How about Cowley Manor? It’s just opened and is part of Experimental. I went for the day a few weeks ago and the food was excellent and the bedrooms are lovely – plus there’s a pool and spa!


The Grosvenor in Hampshire is really lovely, as is Retreat East which has hot tubs, bikes and great food!

I’d also recommend Middleton Lodge in Yorkshire - you can stay in barns (like Soho Farmhouse), use the bikes, visit the gardens, walk around the farm, use the spa etc. Amazing food and service, too! They’ve also opened a heated outdoor pool.

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Daylesford is beautiful, though I’m not sure of their availability. They also have great food, a country pub around the corner and there’s plenty to do if needed x