Where to get a black classic Chanel flap from?

Would people recommend a pre 2008 plated or current? Thank you!

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Hi there Holly so, for me look at 2008 plated and they hold their value - immo - do some more research and go and test out some current bags (in the flesh) and see how they look with your outfits feel for you. For me current bags are coming in with some really ‘wild’ prices in my opinion of course!

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The Hosta has some amazing vintage Chanel bags. I purchased mine from there and couldn’t recommend Danni more!

I purchased a new classic flap from Selfridges in London last year. I don’t regret my decision as the feeling of owning a perfect specimen is such a special thing. I had dreamt of owning one since I was a little girl.
I intend searching for a vintage Chanel in a different colour next x

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I second the comment re The Hosta - they have some gorgeous vintage Chanel bags that are very well priced (in Chanel terms at least!!!)

The only place to buy vintage Chanel (In my opinion anyway) is from the lovely (https://www.parisiansweet.com)