Where to go on a first date?

Does anyone know of a nice first date idea that incorporates being in the evening sun but is also super cool, not too much pressure, not a dinner date and that doesn’t require booking. A chill area to go to and a relaxed pub garden vibe?

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How about pear tree cafe in Battersea Park? Fun and relaxed vibes in the evening every time

What about Gordons? They don’t take reservations, they have an outdoor area and it’s nice and central. Close to the station for a quick getaway if you need it :joy: :heart:


Franks in Peckham is perfect for a summer sunset and drink!

There’s the new Bird House Brewery in Herne Hill which is a really cool spot - you could then go for a walk around Brockwell Park?

Otherwise grabbing a pizza and some beers then sitting on Primrose Hill is my favourite in the summer! Otherwise Hackney Wick is v cool, Barge East has fun vibes for a date.

This sounds amaze!

Pizza on the hill sounds like my vibe!

Never disappoints, good idea!

The Blue Anchor in Hammersmith by the river is lovely!