Which restaurant would you choose for birthday

Hey darlings,

I am wanting to pick a restaurant for my birthday - first proper outing as a couple since having a baby. I love food, love good ambience and atmosphere and a good photo op (haha)

Has anyone been to any of these restaurants and if so, how would you rate them for an early birthday dinner?

The Twenty Two
Mimi Mei Fair

And if there any other restaurants of a similar vain you recommend please let me know


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I really like the Twenty Two, only been in the day but apparently so nice in the evening!

I would also suggest going to Luca, it’s amazing!

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I haven’t been to any of those, but I would also really recommend Luca. I had my birthday there and loved it!

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Ohh lovely! Not as glam as the others on your list but I really love Legare! A lovely upmarket Italain near Tower Bridge - great ambience, cocktails too, and the food is so delicious! Would be really nice for an early bday meal

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Another Italian suggestion - San Carlo on Regent Street is divine and is so nice and relaxed feel to it. Had a birthday there with my mum and her partner and it was such an lovely evening.

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