White Hair!

Coloring my hair for the first time to cover my whites! I’m blond and very low maintenance! Is it better to do roots or highlights?

I think with this it’s really up to you and what you’re after - and how much any white/grey hair has grown out!
If it’s quite a a lot, I’d say go for some nice babylights to brighten up your crown and give a really fresh, clean look. Perhaps even throw in a face frame too.

But if it’s just a little bit, peeking thorough - perhaps just do the root touch up (this may also save you some money and be quicker to do!)

Deffo always best to call up or chat through with your hairdresser beforehand to weigh up your options! x

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There are so many options! A good hair colourist/stylist will be able to advise you on what’s best, but know that there is a number of techniques you can try - we wrote about some of the most popular here: 7 Hair Colouring Techniques Explained By An Expert | SheerLuxe

Babylights are a great option, but also highlights are my preference! You only need a few so don’t need to go overboard. That or a simple root smudge can work well to disguise any whites - this is quick and low-maintenance x