Wide fit, flat-ish party shoes

Looking for pretty party shoes, need to be wide fit though. I cant do heels but could do small wedges, anything up to about 2 inches.

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I find that ASOS stock a great selection of wide fit shoes, I love these!

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Thank you Florence :blush: those shoes were lovely, sadly not in my size. I forgot to add that I wear a size 9, those shoes only went up to an 8 which were sold out.

Gabor, Ara and Hogl are shoe brands that might be a bit conservative , they are not the most trendy and innovative, however they make lasts that are wide and really comfortable. And they look great on the feet.

Thank you Kirsten, conservative I’m ok with. I just want comfort, practical & look nice, I’m not too bothered on whether they are fashionable :blush:

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Pretty Ballerinas offer a wide choice of flats and low heels

Thank you Gaby :blush: