Wide Fit Loafers…Recommendations please!

Hey SL community :heart:

I am looking for a pair of black loafers that are wide fit. I don’t own a pair I really love anymore and it’s been on my wishlist for months now!

Does anyone have any suggestions where I can look or seen a pair recently?!

Thank you x

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Dune are often my go to for well fitting shoes and I really like this style - quite pared back and will go with most looks.

Marks and Spencer often do wide fit!

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I know asos do wide fit ones!

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Agree with Ellie, Topshop on ASOS do wide fit and really cool styles x

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I got a pair of chunky loafers from schuh - https://www.schuh.co.uk/womens/schuh-loft-chunky-leather-loafer-black-flat-shoes/1339767020/?store=&gad_source=1&gclid=Cj0KCQiAqsitBhDlARIsAGMR1RjPQayiah6UV-0CQyTOKrEkkQUwkEcMosNr7oUKlvev7nVZZBrc8KUaAhqTEALw_wcB I love them!

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Thank you! Love these - a classic!

Ah thanks! I often forget to check Schuh :slight_smile:


Dune have a few styles in wide fit:

As do Clarks:


G H Bass, Weejuns Penny loafer but the men’s not women’s. Same shoe wider fit