Wide fit shoes


I have really wide feet and still love a nice heel (not too high though, I’m 51!). I’m looking for some sling backs which fit the bill. Anyone got any recommendations please?

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I would have a look at Mascaro, Bobbies and Stuart Weitzman

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Thank you, I’ll have a look :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I personally don’t love spending too much on heels because I wear them to events and sadly don’t tend to look after them! I actually always rate asos design heels and they have lots of sling back options.

I also love Zara’s heel selection, they always offer something a little ‘extra’ and fun such as sequin or a bow. Not sure on the fit for wider feet but definitely worth having a look!


Thank you for replying. I do like an asos shop, and I recently saw a nice black pair in wide fit. I bought some really nice shoes from Zara in their sale, unfortunately my wide feet said ouch. I’ll have to give them away.

Bobbies is a good idea, SUCH comfortable shoes! I got some heels last summer and found them so good

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Thank you, I haven’t heard of them before. Will have a look :blush: