Wide-ish leg black trousers for 5"1inch petite

Hi Florence, hope you can help. I’m v short, and size 4-6, looking for some linen (open to other) trousers that aren’t too wide leg but along that style, pref. tailored at top for work/non work contexts. I have tried a few but always too long or drown me. Ideally no more than £70 max. Any tips?
S x

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I would recommend trying Abercrombie,
I have just seen that it has such a strong selection of linen pieces at this time of year and all the trousers have different length options!

Thank you - yes, I’d ordered some by Abercombie but too big and will be returning… the hunt continues!

Oh no! Too big length wise?

Yes… length and also a bit too wide leg - it kinda drowns me! I’m also keen for a pair of blue stripe cotton/linen trousers that could be office appropriate and for non-work. You did a great round up of blue stripe trousers recently - some seemed bit more casual, a pair I really liked sold out - Striped Elastic Waist Linen Pants Stripe | NA-KD looking for similar!
S x