Winter wedding guest X2

I have 2 winter weddings coming up so looking for 2 different outfits.

One is October in Scotland - no dress code has been set. It’s at a famous golf course hotel although I can’t imagine it being too formal.

The second is black tie on NYE in London!

It’s love to keep to under £500 for both (and would consider rental for the London one).

We’re very much between seasons so finding the right thing at the moment is really difficult!

Thank you!


How exciting, I love a winter wedding! I think you should wait a while so you can see all the new season drops. Sleeper have some amazing new season bits coming and so does Reformation.

For renting My Wardrobe always does a great selection for event dressing.


I agree, there will be lots of new collections in the next few weeks so I think it is worth waiting a little while, I’ve just had a look and the rental sites still feel very summery too but it will switch soon!