Work Bag

Suggestions for a new work bag - big enough to fit a laptop?


How about this customistable backpack / tote bag?

There are many options for the front pouch and tassel, so you can change the look…

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I’m not a fan of carrying heavy work bags, be it a rucksack or shoulder bag, so use a wheelie laptop bag which is currently in desperate need of replacing and I’m thinking of getting this one:

I love the quilting, the 4 wheel glide and because it doesn’t look like your typical laptop bag, it easily doubles as a small carry on or overnight bag!

I found it on Best Product Reviews:

A slightly lighter weight, larger capacity one is this one from IT Luggage which I think is a great hard wearing and affordable brand$ja=tsid:59157|acid:534-693-8244|cid:20296143496|agid:|tid:|crid:|nw:x|rnd:5897153963053875488|dvc:c|adp:|mt:|loc:1007076&utm_source=Google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=20296143496&utm_term=2862662&utm_content=shopping&utm_custom1=&utm_custom2=534-693-8244&GPDP=true&gclid=Cj0KCQjwzdOlBhCNARIsAPMwjbx1t1H6iDT5aQf0U1Y51ejkS8FRXhaEK_8qKCTAWnlyak1RFyQKCZkaAr-vEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds

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I believe theres another chain on this but I really love this dragon diffusion one - I actually just got one myself. I was going back and fourth spending this much on a work bag but think this style and colour isnt just for summer or winter like a basket or a typical leather so feels super versatile! plus big enough for a laptop + more. (plus it’s on sale for nearly half off)


Second this!! I’ve also just invested in a Dragon Diffusion - large enough for my mac but can still throw over my shoulder (hate having to carry a large bag on my elbow!) - IMO the chicest option out there. It’s yet to arrive but I’m v hopeful that it’ll be perfect.

I have also seen that they do smaller clutch bags that, from the measurements, look big enough to fit a laptop if that’s more suitable - on sale here:

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As a carrier of a 16inch laptop, my 2 favourites are:

Knomo 14”, it says 14 but can actually fit my MacBook comfortably

And this tote from Tory Burch, that has a zipped compartment where my laptop also fits perfectly, I prefer it’s looks but it’s a bit less comfy to carry around

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I love this one from And Other Stories, it fit’s my laptop and everything else.

A bit less practical perhaps, but looks nice and is roomy, is this from Cos which comes in two different colour ways:

I’ve been buying Knomo laptop bags for years and currently have the BEAUFORT. Absolutely perfect and so many sections. Great quality, worth the investment. Available in John Lewis - Beaufort 15.6" Laptop Backpack - Black – KNOMO

another vote from me for Dragon Diffusion, they are so chic!

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I have always used the tote bags from Longchamp as they’re so practical and versatile. Perfect for carrying a laptop to work and travelling!

BEIS have some lovely work bags, but they’re a bit of an investment!

Knomo laptop backpacks are really good and comfortable! Mine usually last for years (I currently have a Beauchamp 14 inch). They look modern and sophisticated which is great for work and don’t feel bulky (I’m 5’1). I also use mine when travelling so use it all the time.