Work Diaries


I am looking for a new work diary and was wondering if anyone has any good recommendations?

Thank you so much!


I love Papier, they’re the perfect size and have so many gorg designs to choose from x

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Anthropologie have some lovely ones:

I also love an notepad organiser, this would be great for work:

I’ve been using this all year and have found it really helpful:

I love this one from Papier

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I have used these for years:

I love how the week is set up all in one page - the perfect overview. And there’s a project overview in the beginning, where you can mark longer projects you’re working on and have an overview which I love!

Theis type is also quite handy:

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100% Papier are the best for quality/price plus you can personalise most designs for free!

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Thank you so much for your recommendations everyone, I really appreciate it!

This Busy-B diary is great for having both work and personal commitments in one place :blush:

ive got this one from papier Scallop Spine | Mid-Year Diary | Papier