Work from home style

Hi Lu, I’m a big admirer of your style and pared-back approach. I have been working from home for 3 years now and for the winter months have fallen into a grey/navy/black crew neck jumper and jeans rut. I sometimes jazz this up by layering with a tee or add some jewellery but so bored and deflated with this. Can you suggest any other combinations that would convey a better sense of style to my remotes based colleagues; only top half needed! Thank you!


You could try experimenting with shape, texture & details. A jumper with a shoulder pad, an exaggerated sleeve, a detail at the neck, or an interesting fabric? It doesn’t need to be a big detail just something small that gives it a point of difference. Also never under estimate the power of jewellery transform the simplest of outfits ( top half included!)

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