Work life balance

Hi Sheerluxe community :heart:

I am currently a master student and have joined the workforce. This has been a great change in my life, and is trying to get used to having less time for myself.

My problem is, I have gained some weight due to not having the same time for what working out. Do you have some advice on how to balance working/studying and stay healthy - stay fit and strong. Not necessarily to lose weight but be better towards once health💗

Hope to hear from you guys :white_heart:


Good luck with your masters!

I would suggest ClassPass if it’s in your area? I find this most flexible in terms of class timings. Also, I prefer a class as it holds me accountable and I can’t slack. I don’t know if you prefer working out in the evening or morning, but I find when I meal prep, this allows some extra time to squeeze in a class and get organised? Failing that,I love a weekend class, but appreciate you’re likely trying to study and still have some fun! Don’t be too hard on yourself. I imagine your schedule changes too but some form of routine always helps me as well (and healthy snacks during the day - despite being someone who loves to inhale chocolate on the regular :rofl:!) x

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Hello! I’m probably not the best person to answer this as I struggle with this a bit myself. But the stuff that works for me is making sure I walk as much as I can as part of my commute (by not getting the bus – adds about 30 minutes to my commute each day, but it’s worth it to get some steps in). I try to get out at lunchtime even for 10 minutes, and then I have some weights at home so I can do 15/20-minute videos at home before work or at the weekends. I have a two-hour+ commute each way, so don’t have time for a long workout/gym session before or after work, but little and often feels better than nothing! Although if anyone one here has tips for working out before work that doesn’t involve getting up at 5am, I’m all ears!

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I struggle with this also!

If you struggle getting to the gym (understandable), try and maximise your time. If you can get off the bus stop earlier and walk for 10-20 minutes etc. Walking on your lunch break is a big one also, its also just great to get out of the office. When ever you can, just squeeze it in!

In terms of diet, come up with a meal plan that makes sure you are getting all your nutrients from your meals, rather than buying on the go. This makes a big difference and stops you from buying unhealthy snacks on a whim or eating out all the time. And BRING YOUR LUNCH IN, can’t stress that enough, saves you money/time and stops you reaching for the snacks.

In terms of working out, I’d sign up for classes. Be it dance, yoga or Pilates. If you do it at the same time every week, it will just become part of your schedule. Pick something you ACTUALLY enjoy, so it is easier to motivate yourself. For me, it’s dance classes - it doesn’t even feel like working out!