Workout clothes for Spring - school run appropriate!

Having failed to get fit so far this year :woman_facepalming:, I’m hoping some new workout clothes will spur me into action! Can anyone recommend any great brands with lovely colours i can wear on the schoolrun as well as to run/ do pilates in please? Ideally less pricey than lulu etc. thanks so much!

1 Like are great - approx £40 for leggings so cheaper than Lulu etc. Also, if you have a birthday coming up - Sweaty Betty send you 50% off one item if you’re signed up to their emails x

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I second Adanola! I know lots of people also recommend Tala for cool activewear

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I agree with Adanola too. However, Pocket Sport also do lots of lovely colours.

Not to hop on the bandwagon - but agreed! Adanola is fab

As is Girlfriend Collective and Set Active (although beware of shipping fees)