Workout/ coaching app recommendations?

Hi everyone i would love any recommendations for workout / coaching apps.

For the past 10mths I’ve used empower coaching app but for various reasons have decided to end my membership next month. The part of the app i like is the workouts are designed for you, it’s a great format to follow & you have weekly check ins so there’s accountability. But I could log my own check ins.

So I am on the hunt for a similar format - where you have your weekly workout plan on the app , press ‘start’ and off you go!

I don’t want to have to spend time searching through workouts, I need it to be really simple bc I don’t have much time.
So something like alo moves where there’s a HUGE catalogue of classes isn’t what I’m looking for.

I am looking to pay, rather than it be free but I’m open to free apps if they’re really good!

I have been doing strength training so want to have an app to help me continue with that & so I can progress and switch up
My workouts ( because If I’m left to my own self I’ll never do it!)

I’ve looked at Harriet harper - I follow her on instagram & her app looks the best from what I’ve seen but I haven’t looked at many… so would really Love any recommendations! And maybe @SheerLuxe could do a feature ?
Because it’s quite overwhelming! But also when I google I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for?

TIA! x


I use FitOn which has a bunch of different workout categories. I also like it for the gamification, it helps keep me motivated with badges and suggested challenges. It’s all free, so no need for a subscription, if all you want is the workouts.

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I LOVE Down Dog- they have HIIT, Yoga, Barre, Meditation and Running- and all the apps are included in the subscription.
You can choose how long the workout will be, which is great if you’re more pressed for time on one day than another. Every day is different so you never get bored.


Personally, I’d recommend FluidForm until I’m blue in the face. It’s predominantly Pilates, but not as you know it. You have to be STRONG to get through most of the workouts and there are dedicated weights sessions on there too. They do challenges every few weeks that you can follow along with - and they just launched a specific one for runners. I love the dashboard functionality where you can keep track of every session you do in the week. There isn’t a lot of accountability from their side, but I find the engagement from their social channels is good motivation.

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Freeletics is great for bespoke plans and v good content, highly recommend.

If you’re into strength training, then could also be worth looking at Centr, also supposed to be fab!

The Peloton app is also great and you don’t need a bike to be able to use it. Plus, the non-bike app version is significantly cheaper! There is a huge amount of strength/cardio hit classes and lots of programmes you can follow.


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My friend Lisa runs a small but very motivated and friendly fitness group and her video classes are unbeleivable high energy! You will build up a sweat guaranteed!

I’ve been very tempted by the Tracy Anderson method classes but haven’t tried them yet

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looks so amazing! the Aussie aesthetic is always 10/10 ! I have signed up to their 14 day trial :smiley:

Honestly it’s so good. There are lots of 20 minute beginner sessions (which aren’t as easy as they look) but you can also search and filter the videos by goal, time (some go up to 40 mins), ability etc. There’s always something on there for whatever mood you’re in!

My 2 favourite apps are Belle hut, she has a great variety of hit/Pilates /weights etc. She brings out weekly schedules. I also love using Bradley Simmonds who has a similar format but a variety of different instructors and nutritional programmes.
Both cost about £25 a month