Workout / everyday watch

I’m on the hunt for a watch that I can wear every day and is stylish but also suits my workout and practicality needs.

Any suggestions?

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I really rate the Apple Watch! It’s so easy to keep track of your activity and I love how it gives reminders to stand, breathe properly, etc. I used to wear a Garmin for running but find the Apple Watch far easier to use and think the data is more usable as it syncs to your phone x

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Hi!i use an Amazfit…It isn’t expensive…however is very practical and you can change the strap to make it more elegant or more sporty.
You can monitor a lot of workouts …even in the water.
You can buy it on Amazon…obviuosly :smiling_face:

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Hi Eleonara, I didn’t even realise amazon did them! Which one do you have if you don’t mind me asking after having a look there’s so many to choose from its overwhelming

I would wholeheartedly recommend the Apple Watch. While it does require an Apple phone for pairing, I find the watch itself incredibly useful, and you have the option to customise it with different straps to match your personal style. Furthermore, there’s an Apple Watch for every budget, and the Apple SE model is a great entry point. Additionally, Fitbit watches are also a viable and good alternative.

Yes,you’re right…there are so many model now…i have this one:
I put the italian link of Amazon…if you have some problems to open it,i write here the model :
“Amazfit GTS Smartwatch Orologio Intelligente Fitness 5 ATM Impermeabile Durata Batteria Fino a 14 Giorni con GPS, 12 Modalità di Allenamento, Contapassi, Monitor del Sonno per Sport”.