Workout gear for beginners (travel-friendly)

Hey! I’m going travelling and keen to start a beginner-friendly workout routine. Any suggestions for kit that might be useful? Someone mentioned resistance band workouts might be one to try but keen to hear suggestions! Thank you x

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A set of resistance bands is a great place to start. If you have space, I’d also pack a small Pilates ball (which you can inflate when you need to!) and some ankle/wrist weights, like Bala. Gliders are also incredible! For online workouts that use all of these, try the Louisa Drake Method, obsessed! And Psycle’s barre online… x

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Not kit and you probably know this but picking a regime that uses body weight exercises will of course minimise any equipment you need.

I love Chloe Ting for this and her exercises really do work!


Could not agree with this more, especially as a beginner! It will allow you to perfect your form before then moving on to adding weight or equipment.

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