California to Mallorca: Advice for Sept trip with 2 year old!

My husband, 24 month old (bday on our trip) and I are taking our first abroad vacation with her the very end of August for 2.5 weeks in Mallorca! I would LOVE any advice for fellow travelers who like to escape the crowds, tourist spots and party scene. We have open plans and will rent a car and stay a few spots on the island. Also would love tips if we should venture to Menorca and/or Ibiza/other islands for a few nights too. We are traveling from Aug 30th-Sept 17th and then to London for 4 nights (I will also ask for London tips on another thread as I’ve never been-only to Northern England). Open to suggestions for hotels/rentals, food/wine/olive oil and local products, hikes and spots to spend some time with a little social butterfly.

I am born/raised in SF/Marin (near wine country) California lady who loves to connect with others and works in pediatric healthcare/education (though I also dream of working in the food/wine industry). We love finding hidden gems, hiking, swimming in the sea (and pool), eating local cuisine and drinking wine, as well as relaxing and exploring the local scene and culture. I speak Spanish if that helps and would welcome ANY/ALL advice from fellow fabulous friends abroad!

Please reach out for any California related advice (I’ve lived in SoCal San Diego and Santa Barbara, as well as here in San Francisco and Marin County)!

Wishing you all wellness and health!

Cheers to a lovely summer for all,


Hi Melanie,

Sounds like such a fun trip!

Here’s our ultimate Mallorca guide, which should be helpful –

This might be helpful for choosing between islands too:

And there are some nice Community ideas on this thread:

Here is my guide to Mallorca -
The hotels might not be the best fit with a young child but some tips on where to eat/drink/swim there too from a travel agent!
The north coast around Pollenca is popular without being the thick of tourist town and with great beaches.
The west coast is worth visiting and where most of the islands best hotels are but whilst being coastal, it is not where the best beaches are. Soller and Deia are musts though. A hike in the Tramuntana Mountains is a must for walkers if the weather allows.

Menorca - if you want to escape the crowds and party scene, this is the island for you!!
This is entirely unique to Mallorca. UNESCO protected so the best beaches largely involve a walk to reach and few of them have restaurants on them. Those that do are super low key and busy so don’t anticipate feasts! I always bring a picnic. There is a hiking trail that hugs the coast the entire way around the island so lots of easy seaside walking. You will want to hire a car to explore the island.
Experimental Menorca is a great option / location, cool trendy atmosphere
Or, I loved Santa Ponsa for a more grown up atmosphere (takes children!)
Son Vell is sensational and by the sea if you have the budget.

If you reach out to me on my Substack more than happy to help somemore xx

Thank you both for the great tips! I have bookmarked and read through the SL guide for Mallorca, which is fabulous. I hope to hear more from the community and wish you all well!

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Any other recs would be very appreciated and particularly which few spots to stay a few days on the island :slight_smile:

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Hi Melanie. I’m just back from 2 weeks in Mallorca - you’ve picked a great choice. Although my ‘children’ are now adults, we aren’t really into the party scene and just wanted to explore the whole island. We alternated days out with days on different beaches. We preferred the quieter ones and loved Cala Sa Nau. I highly recommend some time on the west coast visiting the villages of Valdemossa, Deia and Fornalutx. A trip to Soller is lovely, and you can catch the old tram down to the port, which takes around 18-20 mins. Fun for your 2-yr old as well as yourselves. Also Santanyi is lovely to visit. Pollenca and Formentor are lovely. Hotels-wise, maybe consider Ikos Porto Petro. You can hire self-drive boats from Palma, or spend a half-day on a captained boat. If you make it over to Ibiza, hop on the ferry from Ibiza town to the island of Formentera and head for Ses Illetas beach - it’s jaw-droppingly beautiful and not to be missed. Wishing you a great trip! Diana

Great recommendations from the previous responses.
I have been to Mallorca with my two children since they were very small. Jack is 2 now and Alexandra is 4. Mallorca has everything you are looking for but if your son is on the move a lot ( like mine) it will be important to pick a suitable hotel that will work for him and you :blush:

Jumeirah Mallorca, st Regis Mardavall, Ikos, Cap Vermell Grand Hotel, La Residencia and Zafiro all good with kids.

We went to Mallorca for a week in May with our 3 year old. It was our second time to Mallorca and its amazing! We stayed at Zafiro Palace in Alcudia in the north east of the island. Its in the port area so loads of restaurants and bars looking over the water. But its also a short walk into the old town - narrow streets, markets etc. A nice mix of both vibes. Can pilot (Old town), Bisto Mar (Port) and Can Matevet (Port) are great restaurants. The hotel is really geared towards kids (kids pool, entertainment) but it still feels a bit fancy. And its only a short bus/taxi to Pollenca too for a day trip. Enjoy!

Thank you again for the fabulous advice! I wish we could stay at all of the fabulous spots listed. If any of you have more modestly priced hotels or rentals to recommend, I’d love to learn. Also, trying to narrow down maybe 3-4 spots to stay on the island while there (after 3 nights in Palma).
Wishing you all the most wonderful weekend!

To be honest Mallorca anywhere is great. For children you can always find things to do and places to eat. But to explore so many but I agree with the comments Santanyi, Formentor, Valdemossa and old Town in Peurto Polensa. Palma is a lovely city to explore to and there are lots of boat rides, cycling and water activities across the island. Public transport is also quite good. Peurto Cristo is nice too and you can visit the caves there. Or Raixa , Deia and Llucalcariall worth a visit. Or you can hike up Talaia D’Alcudia if you fancy. You might also want to visit one of the vineyards too. Mallorca has some great wine so don’t miss out trying some. Most people always go for the Spanish wines but there are some very nice wines being produced locally. Sounds like a lovely trip. Have fun.

Thank you Tiggs! Your advice is wonderful and it sounds like you are quite familiar with the island. We definitely plan to visit the local wineries and hike, and are renting a car for sure. If you have specific hotels or spots you personally love in these locations, I’d be so thrilled to hear from you.

I’m still trying to finalize our first 3 night stay in Palma when we arrive (it’s been a challenging time for me as I’m caring for my mother going through cancer treatment-I know encourage all women to ensure they are not ignored when having any issues related to reproductive systems-pain/bloating/changes as they age given there is always the opportunity to screen for and immediately address any medical complications or cancers). Sorry for the add on note, but if my mother’s experience being ignored can help one other woman be heard and helped, we both will feel hopeful that we can elevate the awareness of women’s health needs.