Luxe Bedding Suggestions

Finally giving in and want to invest in some new luxe-feeling white bedding. I usually look at John Lewis for this but want something a bit higher quality that feels really nice. Where should I look? Where does a good duvet/pillow cover set? Willing to invest but I don’t want to spend crazy amounts either.


I would definitely check out The Sale Room on Sophie Conran.


I love DUSK for bedding! All of my bedding is from there, nice quality but not super expensive

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I know you probably would not think of the store but Next (online) actual stock Donna Karen bedding that is as absolutely lovely. They have sheets, pillows, covers, spreads etc all in different colour/collections.

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The White Company is always great for luxe white sets!


I really like Rise + Fall, great quality for a competitive price. Best Bed Linen In The UK | Natural and Sustainable | R&F – Rise & Fall

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Once Milano is the dream but also The Linen Works is gorgeous. If you’re after something a little more pretty, Sarah K does gorgeous bedding.


I have the linen set from Bedfolk and love it x


The Linen cupboard and Dusk are great. Also can’t go wrong with the White company x

I love Sophie Conran too - all my bedding is from here and agree with Harriet you can get some really good sale buys! It washes well and feels lovely. x

A little random (not classically luxe) but I have this set from Amazon and it’s super reasonable and really good quality -
Also really rate Dusk too - they usually have a sale on.

My favourite linen is Dusk so I echo everyone above - also they often have promotions so worth checking out their sales or signing up to their newsletter.

Bed threads bedding is so lush and reasonable. You can even create some bundles to vision how it will look. They have a mid-year sale now too!

I love Christy bedding, purchase from The White Company recently and it does not compare to Christy’s x

I always go for 100 % cotton and high thread count (400) I like Dusk because they give the exact measurements, J Lewis no so good for this.

One Milano––never heard of them but they look amazing!!

I have recently discovered Tielle Love Luxury

They supply luxury bedding for hotels and have launched a D2C business so you can buy yourself. It is good quality and fairly reasonable pricing depending on what you go for xx

Bed Threads is a gorgeous Australian brand that uses 100% French flax linen. They have the most gorgeous colour selections and are very high quality!! They’re definitely worth taking a look at.

All my bedding & bed linen is from secret linen - such good quality and reasonably priced x

I love this brand they do 100% linen bedding and the quality of their bedding is luxe.