Nails destroyed

Hi, I had some gel nail extensions applied for my son’s wedding. Admittedly, my nails have always been weak and prone to breakage. I swear the manicurist almost got an electric saw and chisel to get them off. Underneath, she had taken a third of a nail off, and all the others were damaged down to the quick. Two years on, I can’t wear any nail varnish, even for a day without my nails getting dreadful again. Any suggestions please!


I heard vitamin E helps with the growth and strengthen of the nail also I’m pretty sure there are also highly recommended nail oils or gel which help to strengthen your natural nail. You can also try out cuticle oil which will help to strengthen, if you have a nail tool push the cuticles back a bit and apply the cuticle oil daily or weekly. Or the problem could be the nail glue maybe it’s too acidic, it could also be that your nails may be allergic to any ingredients that the nail technician used on your nail. If you do a little research im sure you can find a great product for this problem :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:

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As a matter of interest was your nail technician fully NVQ qualified, or was it just someone in a chop shop? I’m very alarmed at the ‘chiselling’. A good technician wouldn’t do that. I’ve had my nails done for fifteen years…when I first started, my properly trained technician advised that whilst my very, very, weak and flaky nails wouldn’t improve, correctly applied and removed, my nails would neither deteriorate. My nails don’t get past the quick before breaking…i.e., you rarely see ‘white’ nail. In fact, what happened was the quick extended. Have a complete break from any nail varnish, treat your nails to a good nail/cuticle oil at night (wear cotton gloves). If you do return to gel manicures, go to a good, NVQ-trained technician.

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Sounds awful, another reason why I do my own nails. I use opi nail envy to get my nails if they’re bad, alternatively there’s perfect formula which strengthens them. The pink one gives a pretty natural look too.

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That’s dreadful, sorry to hear this! There are a few products I recommend, but this has really helped me:

It needs to be applied regularly but does help over time and prevents nails feeling bendy or too flexible

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Hi you could try Leighton Denny nail rebirth intensive nail repair capsules. The capsules can be used daily and with continuous use over 14 days give good results. Try to use rubber gloves to do household chores to help protect your nails

So sorry to hear - I’ve been using this for years and it’s kept my nails super strong:

I have very similar nails, they’ve always been very weak and prone to chip/break. And a few months ago a got a terrible gel nail done and the removal took so much of my already damaged nail off. Since then I have been using the nail rebirth capsules mentioned above which have helped, and in general tried to keep them as moistrized as possible.

Most recently I was advised by a nail artist to et BYAB as htat would help nourish the nail while also stregthen it so it doesn’t contstanntly break - she filed them very short and added the BYAB layer in the gel manicure, and my nails are feeling SO much healthier now!

I’m intrigued by BYAB…what is that, please? Thanks. x