Singapore Recs?

Just saw the lovely travel guides go live. Does anyone have any restaurant/shopping recs for Singapore? We’re all set for somewhere to stay, and we’re very ready for the hawker markets (although seem spoiled for choice!), but any reccos for interesting antique/vintage/lifestyle stores etc and more sit-down restaurants (high end fine but not ££££ as some of the restaurants in SG seem to be), thanks! Alex


Thank you!

This thread has some really good Singapore recommendations:

Thanks Heather

Hi Alex,

The above recs were all SO helpful when we went last year, but now having been here’s a little list of our fav places we went while we were there:

  • Dinner at the Bar & Billiard Room within the Raffles Hotel + drinks at the iconic Long Bar after
  • Unbelievable steak at Skai (this restaurant also has the most insane view of the bay)
  • Drinks at Ce La Vi are also a bit of a must if you’ve never been before
  • Brasserie Astoria is the most stunning bar (we just went for a drink but I believe you can eat too)
  • Atlas is another stunning bar for drinks (I want to say it’s got the world’s largest gin collection)
  • Nighthawk was a really cool speakeasy bar that did incredible cocktails, as was Analogue - I believe this the latter has been named a few times in the top bar lists

LAVO is an Italian restaurant that we didn’t get chance to try but heard great things about + KOMA too for japanese/steak

Hope that helps? Enjoy - you’ll have the best time!!

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Ooh, wonderful, thanks so much Natasha, these sound right up our street!

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