Sisal carpet

Does anyone have experience with Sisal carpet? If so, do you have it in bedrooms? I am looking to get it on our staircases and flow through but it seems pretty rough on your feet. Thanks for your help

I’m in the market too for some new carpet and also love the look of sisal. I’m not sure what your lifestyle is like but I’m quite nervous for the staining / watermarks etc that comes with it though. I’ve been looking at the unnatural flooring company that have an alternative that looks a little more hardwaring and softer on the feet. I hope that helps!

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Hi there, there is actually a thread about Sisal on here already which has some useful advice.

I was also in the market but ended up going with a natural/wool blend which is much softer underfoot and doesn’t have the watermark problems that come with sisal.

Kersaint Cobb have some lovely options: