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Guys…Has anyone else been watching Eric on Netflix?

I am hooked! Only on episode 3 but essentially about a creator of a popular TV show (Benedict Cumberbatch) who’s intelligent, but a really neglectful and rubbish father who ends up frantically searching for his missing son, all set in New York. It’s unnerving and psychological but keen to see where it leads…Would love to know if anyone else enjoying/has thoughts!

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Yes I love these, Laura! The pot for avo on toast is really tasty

Becky I LOVED this! Easily the best drama I’ve watched in months - all the characters are so layered and how they made NYC look like the 80s is so impressive!

I agree - loved Eric!

I’m also obsessed with my new pizza oven from Gozney - it’s called the Arc and comes in a lovely cream colour. Now just trying to find the best pizza bases around - we’ve tried to make out own with varying degrees of success so if anyone know where to get authentic bases home delivered, let me know!

I can’t recommend Away that day bikinis enough! I just went on a weekend trip to Marbella and wore the espresso palma top and fiji bottoms and the fit is chefs kiss