Tips for a couple of days in Rome 🇮🇹

Hi all, I’m travelling to Rome in a few weeks for a work trip, and have a couple of days for myself to explore. Any must-see tips? Especially for restaurants (eating solo) and shopping. It’s my first time, so I’m also going to make time to see the sights. I’m staying in the San Lorenzo neighbourhood, and would love some recommendations!


Hi Claire – have the best time! Rome is one of my favourite places.

Have a look as these threads, as there were some great Community recommendations:


Hello, if you have never been to Rome then you have to go to the Colosseum. Many don’t know though that you can book guided tours which take you to the areas you aren’t normally allowed to visit - eg the underground part and/or the up in the rafters. You can book through the official site online or phone them (they speak english and helpful) only costs 34 euros, but great and you beat the crowds. However, the spaces are limited and get booked up in advance, so if you have missed out then check out guide companies that do the same tour for a bit more money. Def worth it.
If you go to St Peter’s and Vatican City then walk up the dome, get a stunning view of the city, on your way back down into the cathedral you will go past a bar on the terrace for great coffee surrounded by Bernini statues looking down on the square (buy a Vatican city stamp in the shop there - the post office in the square is always rammed) and then walk straight into the cathedral.
The best thing to do in Rome is to walk - forget the metro and taxis, pack trainers and use google maps. There is just so much to see above ground and the longest walk will be to the Vatican and back (so go in a taxi in one direction then walk back). PS. You do NOT need to pay to enter any church in Rome (you only need to pay to go up the dome of St Peter’s or sometimes to visit extra things once inside a church). Do not be conned by the people standing outside asking for money to enter churches!

For food, head to the Jewish quarter. Roscioli salumeria for delish maritozzi, pizza rossa and pizza bianca (which are snacks, not full blown pizzas) and they also have a cute restaurant area in the wine cellar which is super tasty. Go to Nonna Betta for the famous ‘carciofi alla giudea’ = artichokes. The Monti area is really fun and vibrant and busy with locals. Trattoria Monti is a good choice for roman cuisine.

Shopping: depends on budget. The area around the Spanish Steps is a great place, Via Condotti being the most famous with high end boutiques. Via del Corso is the standard shopping street with high street names.

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definitely go to the American Bar at the Hotel Forum - 60s vibe ith amazing views built in the ruins opposite the Forum. Also head to Hotel Minerva by the Patheon for equally amazing drinks - and do the see the Patheon - from Pagan to emperors to chiristianity amazing what was built back then. Have ice cream by the Spanish Steps and Hotel Adler to unwind with vino - ENJOY

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Hi Claire
try to book a table for Dinner at Pierluigi restaurant. They have tables outside in a pretty courtyard.

I suggest you visit the highlights of Rome - the Vatican, Colosseum, Piazza Navona and Fontana di Trevi. However, I highly recommend going to Palazzo Colonna, Palazzo Farnese (the French Embassy), San Luigi dei Francesi Church, Galleria Borghese, Palazzo Doria Pamphilij and Palazzo Barberini.

If you have time, I suggest you visit Tivoli - outside Rome.

Restaurants: Dar Poeta in Trastevere, Trattoria al Tettarello, Osteria Chianti (a few meters away from Fontana di Trevi) and Matricanella. Also, the Jewish Ghetto offers quite a number of delicious options where to eat.

Definitely eat at Trattoria da Enzo in Trastevere - their carbonara is awesome and it’s a great spot for solo dining.

Also, head to Via del Corso for a mix of stores or Monti for cool vintage finds.

I recommend the website & she has tons of great recommendations for food, places to visit, etc! For first timers and people looking to get outside of the tourist areas!

My favorite restaurant is Cambio in the Trastevere neighborhood! I also loved Alfredo Alla Scrofa, the home of Fettuccine Alfredo. Rome is known for their carbonara dish, so definitely try that somewhere. Campo de Fiori is a great daily market to try new things and learn about the culture and history of Rome.

Some less obvious ones:
The Knights of Malta Keyhole , Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta. I won’t spoil the surprise for you, but its worth the short queue for a unique free experience.
Janiculum Hill provides one of (there are a number!) the best views over Rome and doesn’t get too crowded, so allows for good photos.
Canova Tadolini is a cafe providing good food at reasonable prices, but the museum inside makes the dining experience unique!
Blackmarket Hall is a cool, little place providing small plates - make sure you make a reservation though as it isn’t the largest place.
Oh, and we did a pizza making lesson. which was great fun and quite insightful… when in Rome!